The origins of neuro linguistic programming

Subliminal Seduction System PDF : TOMAS

In Grupo Letras we feel passion for culture and art in general and, very specially, for the unfathomable and timeless world of the book, whose origins and later evolution are as linked to man as his own history and are able to contain in its pages all that is.

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  Neuro linguistic programming explained

Graduation Speech Diploma in Programming

In some shamanic societies, when a person comes to a shaman with any of the symptoms of what we have called depression, the shaman begins the healing process by asking a question: When did you stop dancing?

NLP starts from a series of presuppositions whose importance is not based on their certainty or falsity but exclusively on their usefulness. One of these NLP assumptions is that reality (the territory) is different from my experience of reality (the map).

A practical application that Robert, a handball coach, made of his learning of the Practitioner and NLP Master techniques on his way to excellence in order to achieve a gold medal.

The trajectory and thought of Mario Iván Martínez

In this audiobook you will discover what makes people tick. You will find a collection of the most persuasive techniques used by politicians, advertisers, propaganda writers, and all those who are able to quickly change the thoughts of an individual or a group of people.

Forbidden Persuasion, Manipulation, and Influence Techniques Using Language Patterns and NLP Techniques (2nd Edition) [Forbidden Persuasion, Manipulation, and Influence Techniques Using Language Patterns and NLP Techniques (2nd Edition)].

  Programacion neuro linguistica

How often do we ask ourselves, what is behind all those advertising and political messages? What are the threads that move the masses to buy something excessively expensive or to fight wars that seem illogical and cruel? The laws presented in this audio book are a valuable sum of the practical and scientific knowledge that human beings use to dominate others through persuasion in all aspects of life.

Discover the secrets to eliminate negative thoughts and behaviors and unlock your full potential for success. If you feel stuck, overwhelmed or unable to escape your negative thoughts, this book will set you on the right path. Whether this negativity stems from a past relationship gone wrong, childhood trauma, professional failure or simple insecurity, this book will help you recognize how conscious (and often unconscious) negativity affects your personality, your outlook and your decisions.

Mireille Blan – NLP – Complete

Neurolinguistic programming and cognitive psychology have opened new paths to understand the phenomenon of communication in organizations. In this work Catherine Cudicio, who has already enriched the Alternative Management Series of Ediciones Granica with ‘Como comprender la P.N.L.’ and ‘Como vender mejor son la P.N.L.’, brings us these contributions with her usual action-oriented style, with examples, concrete cases and practical consequences. An indispensable work for professionals in Human Resources, Marketing, organizational analysts and all those interested in deciphering the enigma of interpersonal relationships in the organization. Catherine Cudicio. In addition to being a well-known professional in the field of NLP, she develops consulting and training activities in companies, having trained numerous Human Resources and marketing professionals at the Rennes Management Institute and at ESSEC in France, her country of origin.

  Neuro linguistic programming explained
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